Vinyl Flooring Myths

Myths About LVT

Today’s luxury vinyl features some of the most innovative, versatile, and high-performing flooring available. We love to suggest premium vinyl flooring for design because it offers the richness and texture of more expensive hardwood, ceramic tile, and stone—without stressing your budget. LVT is straightforward to maintain. You can wet mop it quickly with no worries about moisture. It is highly scuff, scratch, and stain-resistant. Most LVT comprises multiple layers to ensure maximum clarity and quality that will give you many years of pride.

Most myths surrounding luxury vinyl flooring are left over from the days of sheet laminate that was frequently used before the turn of the century. Today, here are a few common misconceptions about LVT and its quality.

Myth #1. It Will Wear Down Easily

This myth speaks to laminate flooring products that are cheaply made with low-quality design printing processes that disappear under lots of wear and tear. With vinyl flooring, each collection’s thoughtful design and construction, combined with the durable wear layers, ensures the designs will not fade away.

Myth #2. It’s One Dimensional

Because lower-end laminate and vinyl flooring use less expensive raw materials without a textured wearlayer, so the design layers are printed without texture. The hot press method embeds actual texture into each product that you can truly see and feel.

Myth #3. It’s the Same as Laminate

It’s not! They have entirely different construction processes and are made from very different materials. LVT is far more durable and can withstand exposure to moisture, which laminate flooring cannot.

Myth #4. Upkeep is Difficult

Many assume that LVT flooring must be buffed, polished, waxed, and frequently mopped to maintain its look and integrity. Because LVT is naturally scuff, stain, and water-resistant, and it’s built with ease of maintenance in mind, a simple two-bucket system is all required for LVT flooring.